Router On A Stick + Routing full configuration

With the following network topology, we will configure VLANs and VTP, after that ROAS so we can have connection between them and RIP because we have various routers in our network. We also need to manage those switches from anywhere in our LAN, SSH will be the solution for this. Lastly, we need internet connection and having many hosts the method we have chosen is NAT overload. When we are done with all this we will set passwords to access some configuration modes.

Here yo can see a summary of what we have done.

Let’s start with some information about VLANs.

Easy, wasn’t it? Here you can read about VTP.

Now some exercises to remember what you have read.

Here there are some questions about SSH:

Guess the answer of this question: What are we configuring if we write this commands on the router?

In this screenshot are all the commands we use to configure NAT, but the default route is missing. What is the correct command to set the default route?

Some pings we have done:

In case you have any doubts, we leave here the commands we have used during the configuration process.

You can also see our running-config and test this build in your devices.


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