ROAS and Network Implementation


Hello everybody! We are Team 4 from 1ASIR course of San José-Maristak Durango. With these activities, we are going to try to explain you how to create and use a VLAN.

We are Alex, Markel and Aritz.


To complete this task, we have used this materials:


To connect the devices, we need to know which type of cables we have to use:



These are the commands we have to use. The first thing that we have to do when we are configurating VLANs is to erase the default configuration:


After shutting down the interfaces we have to choose in which mode the switches are going to work. To remember which are the modes, here we have some exercises:




Right after, we have to configure VTP on the switches. We have created some exercises to remember how we have to do it and to learn some of its characteristics:



Next we have some generic information about VLAN and some other concepts:



To finish this task, we have a little summary about the steps and commands we used during this process:


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