Router on a stick and global configuration (Networking)


Hi everyone!, we are the group 3 of 1ASIR from (Maristak) and we are going to show you some exercises that we have done for all of you if you need to practice your network configuration studies. The topic about we are going to learn is about: ROAS configuration.

We start from a simple practice where we are going to see the requirements for those activities below.


This is an introductory video about the global configuration in Packet Tracer

Here it is a simple Memory game where we can see the items that we are going to use in this type of networking configurations.

This is a easy exercise about VTP where you are going to think about a command.

Okey, easy right? Now you are going to complete a quite long exercise about VTP too.

Here, we must choose the correct interface mode configured.

Okey, this one is about  configuring Access and Trunk Interfaces.

In this exercise we are going to drag the correct word in each gap.

This one is a text about STP which you must complete with the correct words, in case you dont know how to do it we have prepared some tips for you so you can resolve it 🙂

The next one is an exercise about switches!

Here you have a usefull activity, where you can complete answers while you watch a video. Let’s go!

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